Protesters TORCH barricades during clashes with Greek riot police over migrant's death


Mobs battled officers in Athens during the rally to remember Ebuca Mama Subek, 34, who died after collapsing on February 8. Critics claim the dad-of-two was beaten by police at the capital’s Omonoia police station before he died. Protesters set up burning barricades and hurled stones as they marched towards the police station on Wednesday evening.

Bins were torched as angry crowds, some wearing masks, squared up to the police.

Cops responded by firing tear gas as they held back anti-racist and leftwing demonstrators.

The Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) organised the march through the capital’s streets.

Members of the Nigerian community are now demanding answers following Mr Subek’s death.

He said goodbye to his wife before being arrested, but never returned to his family.

After Mr Subek failed to come home, his wife came to the police station to ask where he was, but officers claimed not to know.

Police reportedly said there was nothing violent about Mr Subek’s death and that he had collapsed in a waiting room.

Protesters are now demanding to see the medical report into his death.

Mijalis Afolianos, a Nigerian migrant, said: “We want to see the results immediately so we know the real cause of the death.”

Nora Oukaachokou, president of the Nigerian Women Association, told demonstrators this week: “We demand justice and we pray we don’t want any more of such police victims.

“Police is supposed to protect.”

Another Nigerian migrant, Sofia Ougogo, claimed she was beaten by Greek police while she carried her baby on her back.

She said: “They are not there to beat anybody, or any foreigner. They are there to guide us. They are there to protect us, not to beat us. We don’t want another person to die.


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