Pro-EU Commons Speaker John Bercow ‘could be thrown out’ by MPs furious at his Brexit bias


PRO-EU Speaker Bercow is facing a huge backlash over his Brexit bias as MPs try to boot him out of the Commons.

Tory Brexiteer Crispin Blunt has tabled a motion saying the Speaker has no longer got the confidence of MPs after his repeated interventions over Brexit.

John Bercow has been accused of pro-Remain bias in his Speaker duties
PA:Press Association

He accused Mr Bercow of failing to be fair in his job as the Commons referee, and said it was vital to the proper functioning of our Parliamentary democracy.

It reads that it was “impossible for this House to sustain belief in the impartiality of the Right Honourable Member for Buckingham and therefore has no confidence in the Speaker.”

Mr Blunt said today there were “well over 100 MPs profoundly unhappy with the conduct of the Speaker” but that not enough of them were prepared to come forward.

He added: “John Bercow’s handling of the Brexit issue was the subject of much anguished consideration inside government.

“His decisions have helped contribute to the national paralysis on this great question of our day.”

And he said it was “disappointing” that his colleagues were prepared to accept his pro-Remain bias.

“Controversies around his conduct are certain to continue,” he warned.

But the attempt appeared to flop as just his name was on the motion so far – and he admitted he hadn’t got enough support for the time being.

And as it’s an Early Day Motion it doesn’t have to be debated or voted on in Parliament.

The Speaker sparked uproar last month when he blocked Theresa May from bringing back her Brexit bill for a third time unless it was different from the last time.

And he irritated Leave-backing backbenchers and the Government by not selecting their amendments during Brexit debates either.

The Speaker’s office did not wish to comment on the motion today.


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