Princess Diana heartbreak: Meghan Markle warned to not repeat royal's chilling mistakes


    Princess Diana is said to have become so paranoid and believed her Metropolitan Police security team were leaking stories about her, she decided to sack them. Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe hopes Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, will recognise what went wrong in her strategy. He noted Diana tragically only had Mohamed al-Fayed’s security team when she died.

    Speaking on True Royalty TV, journalist Kate Thornton said: “Diana did also at times feel unprotected.”

    Mr Larcombe added: “Let’s not forget another parallel that Diana did.

    “She became so paranoid that her Metropolitan Police security detail were leaking stories that she sacked them all.

    “She put them tragically at the mercy of Mohamed al-Fayed’s security team.

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    “We know how that ended.

    “There are quite shocking and chilling similarities in the situation that Harry is now in.

    “I hope that he is sensible enough to acknowledge where Princess Diana actually went wrong in her strategy.

    “There were times where she did make mistakes.”

    “He would get in and shake them up. He would tell Prince Harry to stop being so ridiculous and tell Meghan to butt out of things she knows nothing about.”

    His comments came as a royal fan said the couple should lose their titles.

    The caller, Alison from Lichfield, insisted the pair, especially Harry, must do their best to make amends with the rest of the Royal Family.

    She told talkRADIO: “Prince Harry is just destroying everything that made him a success in the first place.

    “It is a shame and I think he should be stripped of his title.”


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