Prince George birthday photos: 'The difference is remarkable' What royal's pictures reveal


Kate Middleton, 37, released three adorable photos of Prince George to mark his sixth birthday today. Kensington Palace published the images, which were recently taken by the Duchess. Two of the images showed the prince – who is third in line to the throne – wearing a white England home shirt and grinning in the garden of his home at Kensington Palace. A third showed him on a family holiday, wearing a green polo shirt and striped blue and white shorts. Within seconds of the images emerging, fans rushed to Twitter as they gushed over the royal and wished him a “happy birthday.” 

“Beautiful pictures, a very Happy Birthday to Prince George,” one wrote sharing a cake, balloon and present emoji.

“These pics are so precious. Happy Birthday, Prince George!” another said.

So what do these pictures reveal about the young prince?

Body language expert Judi James analysed the photos and told George demonstrates similar traits to his grandfather Prince Charles.

“With Kate taking her son’s photos herself we are allowed glimpses of the authentic, natural-looking boy, responding naturally to his mother rather than being urged to smile by a professional photographer and the difference is remarkable,” she said.

She continued: “Throwing his head back and laughing or giggling uncontrollably with his mouth wide open shows the really fun side of the little boy who will be king one day and his grin straight to camera does the same.”

According to Judi, George’s laughter in the photos showed that despite his very royal upbringing, George is just like most boys his age.

“The laughter looks shared rather than performed or forced and the footie T-shirt underlines the message that he is just an ordinary little boy despite his title,” she said.

Commenting on the image of George in the green polo shirt, she added: “The other photo chosen does suggest a more reflective side too though, as he looks away in a pose that hints at something of his grandfather Charles’s traits of thoughtfulness.”

Kate Middleton has shared lots of natural family photos in the past.

She is a keen photographer and enjoys showing off her talents on special occasions.

George’s birthday is predicted to be a low-key affair, as he will spend the day with his mum, dad Prince William and siblings Princess Charlotte, four, and one-year-old Prince Louis at the family’s country estate, Anmer Hall, in Norfolk.

Although, George is said to have made one request for the day.

He wants Monday’s celebration to be a small and relaxed family gathering.


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