Prince Charles warning: Royal told to drop lifelong dream as he cannot be 'activist King'

Prince Charles has been warned to set aside his personal passion when he finally becomes King. The Prince of Wales has been an avid advocate for environmental issues for decades. However, as royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told, the well-known interest will have no place in the life of the British Head of State.

He said: “Some of Charles’ advisers like Jonathan Dimbleby, who has advised him badly on almost every issue that I know, did envisage some form of activist. It was never practical.

“Of course, Charles will differ from the Queen when he ascends the throne because she isn’t an act that you could follow.

“She became Queen in the 1950s, a very different era.

“She’s our last link with the Second World War, the only surviving Head of State who served in it.”

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Mr Fitzwilliams continued: “There’s no doubt at all that they’re simply not comparable.

“She’s never given an interview directly.

“She’s talked, as we saw recently, about the Crown jewels and occasionally on television.

“She’s never actually given an interview, we don’t know her views on matters.”

In a BBC documentary to mark his 70th birthday, Charles said the idea that he would continue making interventions was “nonsense”.

He claimed he would have to operate within “constitutional parameters”.

The royal has been accused of “meddling” with his campaigning.

He dismissed the description: “If it’s meddling to worry about the inner cities as I did 40 years ago, then if that’s meddling I’m proud of it.”

Still the Prince of Wales is certain he will stop speaking out on topics he feels strongly about when he becomes king, as he is “not that stupid”.


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