Police searching for remains of Ian Brady’s Moors Murder victim REFUSED access to serial killer’s locked briefcases despite belief they contain clues


COPS searching for the remains of Ian Brady victim Keith Bennett have been refused access to suitcases belonging to the Moors Murderer that could hold vital information.

Monster Brady asked for two locked suitcases to be put into secure storage just hours before he died aged 79 at Ashworth Hospital in Merseyside.

Moors murderer Ian Brady is on his deathbed (artist’s impression of the fiend in 2013)
Moors murderer Ian Brady in an artist’s impression of a 2013 court appearance

Police have now been refused a search warrant to open the bags in case they hold any clues over where 12-year-old Keith is buried.

The schoolboy was snatched on his way to his grandmother’s house on June 16, 1964, and driven to Saddleworth Moor by Brady and accomplice Myra Hindley before being murdered.

His body has never been found and both Hindley and Brady took the secret of where he was buried to the grave.

Now his distraught brother Alan says there is a “desperate” to examine the paperwork after Greater Manchester Police were refused access by a district judge.

Robert Makin, Brady’s solicitor, also denied a plea by cops and Keith’s family to examine the mystery cases.


Alan told The Times: “During my correspondence with Brady many years ago he stated that he had left instructions in his will for me alone. He did not give any further detail but it was at a time when I was searching on the moor and asking him about routes taken, areas of the moor, landmarks.

“The refusal by Mr Makin to help any further is a great cause of distress considering that my brother’s body still remains on the moor while all the other victims have been returned to their loved ones for a proper burial.

“Surely anything that could help to bring Keith home has to be made available to the police. There seems to be no compassion or thought for Keith or his family.”


Police asked for a search warrant for briefcases and other possessions immediately after Brady’s death on May 15, 2017, but were refused at a hearing at Manchester Magistrates’ Court.

But the judge denied the application because there is no chance of a prosecution as both Brady and Hindley are dead.


Pauline Reade, 16: On July 12, 1963, twisted Brady had told Hindley he wanted to “commit his perfect murder” when he spotted 16-year-old Pauline. Brady slashed her throat twice and sexually assaulted her. It was only 19 years after he was caged for life over his sickening crimes that Brady confessed to Pauline’s murder. On June 30, 1987, after more than 100 days of searching, the body of Pauline Reade was found buried 3 feet below the ground.

John Kilbride, 12: On November 23, 1963, Hindley approached John Kilbride in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs, and offered him a lift home. Brady told the 12-year-old he would give him some sherry, but they would have to make a detour on the Moor first. He sexually assaulted the youngster and attempted to slit his throat with a six-inch serrated blade before fatally strangling him with a piece of string.

Keith Bennett, 12: He was on his way to his grandmother’s house on June 16, 1964, when Hindley lured him into her van and drove to a lay-by on the Moor where Brady took the boy. He reappeared 30 minutes later having sexually assaulted and killed Keith. After he was transferred from prison to maximum-security hospital Ashworth in November 1985, Brady confessed to Keith’s murder in an interview with reporters. But Keith’s body was never found and it is now a secret Brady has taken to the grave.

Lesley Ann Downey, 10: Desperate for another victim, cruel Brady and Hindley visited a fairground on Boxing Day, 1964, and came across Lesley Ann Downey. They approached the 10-year-old and lured her back to their house, where she was undressed, gagged and forced to pose for photographs before being raped and killed. At their trial in 1966, a tape recording of Lesley Ann Downey’s terrified last moments was played to the court. Harrowing passages could be heard including “Don’t undress me, will you?” and “I want to see mummy”. The haunting sound of the 10-year-old’s throat being slit was also played to the court.

Edward Evans, 17: The final victim was apprentice engineer Edward, who was taken to the twisted couple’s home at 16 Wardle Brook  Avenue on 6 October 1965. Cops found him the next day wrapped in plastic sheeting, as well as the bloody murder weapon and Brady’s collection of books on perversion and sadism. Brady and Hindley’s gruesome reign of terror began to unravel and the twisted pair were arrested on suspicion of murder.

Officers then asked Mr Makin – the executor of Brady’s will – but were again denied.

The solicitor was slammed by the High Court in 2017 for being “secretive” about how he was intending to dispose of Brady’s body and a judge ruled he should not be trusted with Brady’s ashes.


Depraved Brady and Hindley killed five children aged between 10 and 17 in the 1960s and buried their bodies on Saddleworth Moor.

After he was transferred from prison to maximum-security hospital Ashworth in November 1985, Brady confessed to Keith’s murder in an interview with reporters.

A search was carried out on the moors a year later, with Hindley joining officers in 1986 and Brady in 1987.

But Keith’s body was never found and Brady continued to taunt his desperate mum Winnie Johnson up until she died in 2012 without ever knowing where her son was buried.

Speaking a week before her death, Winnie revealed her last dying wish was to find out what Brady did with Keith’s body.

She said: “”I want Brady to know that I’ve got cancer and if he has any decency or respect for himself and me, he will tell me where Keith is before anything happens to me.

“Brady, I’m wanting you to tell me where Keith is before anything happens to me.

“I’ve got cancer and if you’ve got any decency and respect for yourself and me you will tell me where Keith is because that’s the last thing I want to happen before I die.”

Police have vowed never to close the case despite Brady’s death.

Ian Brady admitted killing Keith while in prison but has never revealed what he did with the body
Ian Brady admitted killing Keith while in prison but never revealed what he did with the body
Getty Images
Keith Bennetts body has never been found
Keith Bennett’s body has never been found
PA:Press Association
Keith Bennett’s mother Winnie Johnson (pictured) died in 2012 before seeing her son’s killer pass away
Keith was enticed into a van by Brady's accomplice and lover Myra Hindley
Keith was enticed into a van by Brady’s accomplice and lover Myra Hindley
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