Police Scotland record almost 200 serious mistakes including 62 cases of officers going to wrong address


The records, disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act, showed police were sent to the wrong address to deal with an ongoing knife crime incident.

A serious assault requiring the victim to have stitches was ignored, while officers did not respond to a report of “two males smashing windows of a car.”

In another case police could not find the location of an incident despite being given the longitude and latitude, while a separate report warned of “clear failings” when an area control room was busy.

Chief Superintendent Roddy Newbigging said: “We are committed to openness and transparency and designed our notable incident process to allow us to pinpoint areas where we can improve the service we offer.

“This has been a positive piece of work which identifies where we can offer additional training, change our processes or share organisational learning with our staff.”

Humza Yousaf, the SNP’s Justice Minister, said: ““The Tories have zero credibility on this issue, after voting against an increase in the police budget – and their role in failing pay back millions of pounds in VAT, which could be invested in Police Scotland.

“Following the government-initiated review of police call handling, these rare incidents are now being identified and acted upon.”


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