Police officer guarded London Bridge terror victim armed with just a baton while members of the public gave first aid


“I only had a year’s service in the response team. It felt like a lot of pressure, looking back on it.”

Mr Patterson highlighted repeated messages referring to casualties in the courtyard, saying it was “obvious” things were going on.

On body worn footage, messages could be heard requesting London Ambulance Service (LAS) be alerted to a man with a stab wound to the abdomen.

Mr Patterson said: “If you had been told there were LAS resources available before then, up on the High Street, presumably you would have discussed getting Sebastien up to those ambulances as quickly as possible?”

Pc Kerr said: “We would have discussed it yes.”

Asked why they did not reach her, she said: “I can only assume that it was because they may have deemed the area too dangerous.”

Mr Patterson said: “We have heard from two LAS witnesses saying they were unaware of all this activity going on below in the courtyard. Were you and the others down there speaking quietly?”

Pc Kerr replied: “I doubt it.”

She added: “Everything was noisy. It was just a lot of noise.”

Ambulance service incident response officer Nicholas Lesslar told the court Mr Belanger’s injuries were “incompatible with life” and another casualty who was breathing and talking needed the ambulance more.


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