Police officer claims ‘miracle cream’ saved her skin after getting painful third degree burns when she fell on a BBQ


A POLICE officer has revealed a “miracle cream” has saved her skin after she was left with horrific third degree burns after falling into a barbecue.

Metropolitan Police worker Katie Riley, 32, from Stanstead, had been at a party with friends and family when her chair slipped backwards into the searing hot device last August.


Katie Riley, 32, has hailed a ‘miracle cream’ for giving her a new lease of life after she was burned by falling on a bbq[/caption]

Police constable Katie was rushed to hospital where she was told she would be left with a life-long scar and nerve damage, and was also given morphine for the pain.

She now says her life has been turned around by the cream Science of Skin, which has reduced her scarring so successfully that she now feels confident enough to wear short-sleeve tops again.

Katie, who ran the London Marathon last year, said the cream has also helped to ease her discomfort, and she’s been able to take up running again.

The burns survivor said: “It was horrific. I was in shock for a long time afterwards. It sounds strange but I didn’t feel the pain straight away, I think my brain has blocked it out.”

Katie was left with painful third degree burns after the accident last year
She slipped off decking and into the searing hot Chiminea

She said the only moments she can remember from the terrifying ordeal were her getting up from her chair at the BBQ to say bye to her parents – and then falling.

The next memory she has is of her being held under a cold water tap in the kitchen and her friends phoning the emergency services.

She said: “At the hospital they told me I had burned through several layers of skin, it was a third degree burn which is the most serious kind.

“They had to cut some of the skin off which had burned and was flapping around the wound. It was really scary.”

Katie had completed the London Marathon months before the event, after overcoming a painful neurological condition which left her unable to work for three months.

Following the accident, Katie didn’t feel confident enough to wear short-sleeve tops and to do running


One of her nurses recommended the Science of Skin cream and it helped her wound to heal[/caption]

She cried with joy when she crossed the finish line in April 2018, and she was later heartbroken at the prospect of not being able to run again.

Thankfully, she claims the Science of Skin cream, recommended by one of her nurses, has enabled her to take up the sport she loves once more.

She will be running the Virgin Money-sponsored London Marathon on April 28 and hopes to raise money for burns victims.

Katie gushed: “It [the cream] has changed my life. It has reduced the redness and the scar is healing so much smoother and softer like normal skin.”


The Science of Skin cream is said to reduce thickness of scars by 20 per cent[/caption]


She will be running the Virgin Money-sponsored London Marathon on April 28 thanks to her new-found confidence[/caption]

The Solutions for Scars cream is made with an active extract of green tea and other natural all vegan ingredients and has been proven to reduce thickness of scars by 20 per cent.

It retails for £18.99 per 30ml and works by increasing hydration and skin elasticity, to aid recovery.

Emma Blackman, chief executive of Science of Skin, said: “We hear all the time from our customers about how Solution for Scars has helped them.

“This is a breakthrough product which is clinically proven to visibly reduce scarring and we are excited to be changing the landscape in skin care for wounds.”

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