Police ‘ignored’ calls claiming Jill Dando killing was Serbian revenge hit, claims new documentary


Police took this call seriously enough for security around Hall, the then BBC’s head of news, to be increased and for his family to be moved to a safe address.

The same man made another call on April 28, saying: “Listen you and the BBC are the voice of your government that’s why your reporter is dead because your government killed 17 innocent people.”

However, it appears police did not connect the second two calls to the one made on the day of the murder.

The ITV documentary also found an intelligence report by the then National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS), which was passed on to the Met Police, suggesting Ms Dando’s murder had been ordered by the Serbian warlord Arkan, who had close links to the Milošević regime in Belgrade.

The NCIS report said there were similarities between the bullet that killed Ms Dando and those used in political assassinations in Germany. It suggested that a gunman had travelled to Britain through Germany and France.

Philip Ingram, a former Colonel with British Army Intelligence between 1992 and 2000, told ITV there appeared to have been enough credible evidence to warrant the Met following up the Serb connection more thoroughly than it did at the time, particularly the phone calls.


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