Play our saucy board game to get steamy in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day


WE’VE got the perfect gift for any of you wanting to put the spark back in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day – a saucy version of Snakes & Ladders.  All you need is a dice, a couple of tiddlywinks . . . and no inhibitions.

Climb the ladders and slide down the snakes, acting out the sexy forfeits as you go.  You might end up having your partner lick chocolate sauce from your body. Scaling one of the ladders could mean you have to act out six different sex positions in 60 seconds.

Put the spark back into the bedroom this Valentine’s Day
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The aim of the game is to get your counter to the finish line first to win a gourmet dinner – cooked by your partner, the naked chef.  Whatever happens, you won’t be bored with this bawdy board game.

  • Click here to download and print off the board game


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