Plastic surgery-obsessed reality star Sallie Axl asks Botched doctors for HEEL implants to make her taller


A PLASTIC-SURGERY obsessed reality star has asked cosmetic surgeons for implants in her HEEL to make her taller.

Appearing on E!’s reality series Botched, 31-year-old Sallie Axl – who first shot to fame on Big Brother – is no stranger to cosmetic surgery.


Big Brother’s Sallie Axl has had three nose jobs and two breast augmentations[/caption]

The reality star has had several cosmetic procedures, including two breast augmentations and three nose jobs.

However, her latest request has got to be her most outrageous yet.

During her first consultation with plastic surgeons Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif, Sallie left the professionals speechless with her plan to make herself taller.

She told the surgeons: “I would like to have implants in my heels. They’re from Korea.”


The DJ is now hoping to have implants in her HEELS to make her taller[/caption]


The star believes ‘more plastic surgery equals more social media followers’[/caption]


The DJ then admitted that she “didn’t know which Korea” her implants come from as “one of them haven’t got internet.”

But while Sallie is convinced this procedure while give her the extra inches she wants in height, Dr Dubrow claims this type of procedure doesn’t even exist yet,

Poking fun at his colleague and co-star, he replied: “If heel implants were a thing, do you think tiny next to me would be so short?”

Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow told Sallie that her request for heel implants was not possible

Having gone under the knife several times before, Sallie opened up about her reasons for wanting this latest bout of cosmetic surgery in her testimonial.

She confessed: “Social media is so important to me.

“The more plastic surgery equals more [social media] followers and more people coming to my DJ-ing gigs.”

Sallie always knew she wanted to be a performer ever since she was a child and took up fire-breathing when she was just 16 years old.

She added: “I had a few drinks and then I put barbecue fluid or something in my mouth and then I spat it out with a stick of fire and literally blew and ran.”


Sallie started fire-breathing when she was 16 years old[/caption]


The reality star says she became increasingly aware of her appearance when she became a DJ[/caption]


Sallie says: ‘Being a performer does make you a bit more conscious about your appearance’[/caption]

After ditching fire-breathing to become a DJ, Sallie says she became increasingly aware of her appearance as she was thrown into the public eye.

“I think being a performer does make you a bit more conscious about your appearance,” she continued.

“When you’re on stage, everyone is just focused on you. You don’t want to look like the ugly one. I decided I need to revamp myself.”

The first time Sallie had plastic surgery, the star opted for a closed rhinoplasty – where the cosmetic nose surgery is conducted through the nostrils to prevent scarring – as well as a breast augmentation.


Sallie was unimpressed with the results of her first nose job[/caption]


The reality star said ‘it wasn’t the tiny nose’ she wanted[/caption]


Sallie has since gone under the knife two more times to achieve her perfect nose – but ‘labelled her most recent procedure ‘the worst’ ever[/caption]

But sadly, Sallie still wasn’t satisfied with the results.

She said: “When I woke up, I looked at my boobs and they were nice natural-looking boobs.

“But when I looked at my nose, there wasn’t much difference. It wasn’t the tiny nose I wanted.”

After being underwhelmed with her first round of surgery, Sallie went under the knife again.

“Three years later, I decided to get my boobs done again,” she recalled.

“When I went in for my consultation with [the doctor], he looked at my nose and he said, ‘Your nose has collapsed.’”


Doctors used a rip graft for Sallie’s third rhinoplasty – but she believes it’s the ‘worst’ one so far[/caption]


Sallie is appearing on E!’s Botched in the hopes that she’ll finally get her dream nose[/caption]

The plastic surgery then offered to do a revision for free – but unfortunately, Sallie was still left with a botched nose despite also having a rib graft.

Recalling her most recent plastic surgery, Sallie added: “He said he had to take some of my rib to put into my nose.

“Well that was a bit stupid because now I have a sausage drip that sticks out of my nose.”

Labelling it “the worst nose ever”, Sally added: “I hate it.”

Botched airs tonight on E! at 10pm.

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