Plagued By Headaches? Your Bra Could Be To Blame – Try This Simple Trick To Test If You’re Wearing The Right Size


AROUND 80 per cent of women wear the wrong sized bra.

But as well as being uncomfortable and unflattering, having ill-fitting undies could be causing reccurring headaches along with a handful of other nasty ailments, experts have warned.

Getty – Contributor Wearing the wrong size bra could be the reason you’re suffering nasty headaches

A single D-cup boob weighs a staggering 1lb – that’s 500g – so a well-endowed lady could be carrying around at least an extra 2lb on her chest, Paula Svoboda, a Sydney-based Triumph bra fitting specialist, told Femail.

And it’s that extra weight, which if not supported properly by a well-fitting bra, can cause crippling headaches.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and clinical director at told The Sun women are putting themselves at risk of several health problems by not getting their bras properly fitted.

She said:”If you’re wearing a poorly fitting bra, you’re not supporting your bosoms, which which puts more strain on your upper back and neck muscles.

Getty – Contributor Not wearing the right size bra can put extra strain on your neck muscles, which is a common cause of cervicogenic headaches, Dr Sarah Jarvis warned

“Excess work on your neck muscles is a very common cause of cervicogenic headaches.

“The kind of pain which goes up your neck to the back of your head.

“You can feel the tension in your neck.

“You may also suffer general back pain because if you have a bra that’s too tight it restricts your back movements.

If you’re wearing a poorly fitting bra…puts more strain on your upper back and neck muscles. Excess work on your neck muscles is a very common cause of cervicogenic headaches

Dr Sarah Jarvis

“Similar to when you wake up in the morning and your back is stiff from being in the same position all night.”

Another problem caused by ill-fitting bras is chafing, which can make you more prone to infections and soreness.

And to avoid excess sweating, which could lead to thrush infections, going for a bra rich in cotton can help.

Dr Jarvis says that neck pain and headaches may disappear in a “matter of days” if you buy a bra which fits you correctly, due to the muscles having less work to do.

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