Pippa Middleton's bombshell royal confession: 'I've been publicly bullied!'


    Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is described as the glitzy and glamorous figure of the Royal Family. In recent years, Pippa has taken all but retired from the public eye – after she married James Matthews in 2017. Six years prior, Pippa burst onto the scene after fulfilling the role of maid of honour at Kate and Prince William’s wedding.

    Several photos of her reached the front pages, with the nation seemingly besotted by her stunning appearance.

    The daughter of business owners, Pippa’s life in the years following would change measurably.

    Yet, with the increased recognition and fame came equally as much hate, as she revealed during a 2014 interview with NBC news.

    It was here that NBC’s Matt Lauer asked about the dress and how it thrust her into the limelight.

    She explained: “I think the plan was for it not to be a significant dress, for it just to blend in with the train.

    “I suppose it’s flattering.”

    She went on to reveal how much her life had changed since the wedding.

    She said: “It’s been a bit difficult because effectively I’m just trying to live a life like any other 30-year-old.

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    Earlier on in the interview, Pippa admitted that she hadn’t realised how big an event Kate and William’s wedding was.

    She said: “It sounds funny to say but we as family just saw it as a family wedding.

    “And perhaps actually I didn’t realise the scale of it until afterwards.

    “I had to make sure I helped my sister where I should and looked after the bridesmaids and pageboys.

    “But, we really saw it as a family getting together and doing their bit like any family.”

    Mr Lauer asked: “And people find that extraordinary, that you viewed it as just a family wedding. Did it feel that way to you in the build up?”

    Pippa: “Not really – even walking through the Abbey there were a lot of people but I didn’t see any TV cameras.

    “To me it was just performing in front of a lot of people and not necessarily the whole world.”


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