Piers Morgan clashes with Labour's Green after Starmer COVID probe: 'Not picking a fight'


    Earlier this week, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was confirmed to be isolating after a member of his household “showed possible symptoms of the coronavirus,” according to a party spokesperson. As a result, Mr Starmer would be unable to attend Prime Minister’s Questions with Boris Johnson later and it led to Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan seeking an update on his wellbeing. However, Kate Green MP appeared none the wiser as to Mr Starmer’s current state, and became “irritated” by the ITV host’s line of questioning.

    Piers first probed Ms Green on whether she had an update on Mr Starmer’s state just moments after her introduction to the show.

    However, Ms Green admitted she “knew no more” than the ITV hosts when it came to the any new developments and stated it was an issue that should be kept private.

    Unsatisfied with the answer, Piers interjected and quizzed her again, stating Mr Starmer had been quite open with the issue.

    Ms Green hit back in a much harsher tone that she didn’t know, although Piers wasn’t going to back down, adding he found it odd how “irritated” the MP was getting.

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