Piers Morgan accuses ‘sex assaulter’ Maura Higgins of double standards after she brutally shut down down Tom Walker for offensive ‘all mouth’ jibe


PIERS Morgan accused “sex assaulter” Maura Higgins of double standards after she brutally shut down Tom Walker’s offensive “all mouth” jibe in Love Island.

The 54-year-old star also said that the 28-year-old model “should have been arrested” for her treatment of Tommy Fury, 20, earlier in the series.

Piers called Maura a ‘sex assaulter’

After being shown a clip of Maura and Tom’s explosive showdown in last night’s show, Piers said: “Maura is the sex assaulter who assaulted Tyson Fury’s half brother and no-one cares because she’s a woman.

“She literally assaulted him, told him to get off but she continued.

“She should have been arrested.”

He then accused the Irish beauty of “playing the victim”, continuing: “Now she’s the victim of the banter bus, all aboard the Love Island banter bus.

Piers accused the Islander of ‘playing the victim’
Piers claimed that the Irish beauty ‘should have been arrested’ for her treatment of Tommy

“Poor Maura, the man-eater, I do hope she recovers having assaulted half the men in the villa.

“I hope she recovers from someone having a joke at her expense, poor girl.”

Maura was left fuming when she won a private night away from her fellow Islanders with the hunk of her choice after winning yesterday’s sexy gym bunny challenge, only for Tom to “treat her like garbage”.

The Islander was seen excitedly preparing in the dressing room with the other girls as she told them that she was unlikely to have sex with him.

Maura was left fuming after Tom made the offensive comment

However, Tom, 29, appeared to have other ideas as he pocketed a condom from Tommy – and when Maura came to get him he told the lads it’d be “interesting to see if she was all mouth”.

Fans were horrified when Tom then repeated the comment to her face, with the Irish beauty immediately telling him to “go f***” himself.

Maura refused to spend the night with him as they argued about the remark, although she did eventually forgive the hunk after the other boys leapt to his defence.

The pair argued about the incident in last night’s episode

When Maura first entered the villa, she set her sights on boxer Tommy – with some fans calling for her to be removed from the show when she repeatedly tried to kiss him despite his resistance.

Over 500 complaints were made to Ofcom when the grid girl was filmed straddling Tommy as he repeatedly told her “no” – and Piers was just as outraged by the scenes.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain at the time, he ranted: “What part of ‘no’ means no? What part did he not communicate there, it’s clear premeditated assault, she needs to be dragged out of there and arrested. That’s the new rule isn’t it?

Fans called for Maura to be removed following this shock scene


“Poor Tommy, he looks utterly traumatised.”

He went on: “She’s known as Maura the predator. If this was a bloke she’d be out of there, arrested, career ruined. She’s still in there. Tommy looked like a victim.”

However, Piers backtracked on his comments later on GMB and said: “It was actually a bit of harmless flirtation. Obviously nobody in there is a victim, so all these people harping on about nothing.”

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