Piccadilly Tube Strike – Is It Happening And What Are The London Underground Walkout Dates In July 2018?


FRESH off the back of strikes in June, London Underground workers were planning to strike again.

A fresh walkout, over four days, was scheduled to hit the Piccadilly Line but was called off at the last-minute. Here’s the latest…

Reuters Tube strikes always threaten to spark travel chaos as commuters scramble to find alternative routes

When is the Piccadilly Line strike?

A Tube strike was set to be held by Piccadilly Line drivers, with the walkout slated for 10pm on Wednesday, July 11.

It was planned to to run until 1am on Saturday, July 14.

On Wednesday night, it was announced the strike had been called off following talks between TfL and the RMT.

Why had workers planned to strike?

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) said the strikes were called due to attacks on working conditions and staffing levels by London Underground.

A statement released by the union said members “will be striking over a series of attacks on working conditions and staffing levels that have turned the line into a pressure cooker”.

General Secretary Mick Cash said: “There have been repeated problems on the Piccadilly Line going back a number of years which have led to dispute after dispute and the failure of LU management to get a grip has tipped the situation over the edge yet again.

“That is why we have had no option but to put on these strike dates.”

He added that London Underground needed to “start engaging in a way that will allow us to make some genuine progress.”

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