Personal shopper, 28, who travels the world buying watches, bags and shoes up to £250k for royals and WAGs shares snaps of her envy-inducing life


A PERSONAL shopper to the rich and famous who travels the globe snapping up luxury goods has opened up about her glamorous life working for celebs. 

Amber Gordon, 28, from London, spends her days jet setting between the likes of Miami, Dubai, Singapore and Paris to search for the latest must-haves, from couture watches to handbags.

Amber Gordon, 28, travels the world sourcing the most hard-to-find luxury products
Amber Gordon

Her company Tailored Styling works as the middle man between a network of luxury suppliers and elite clients, charging a fee for tracking down items from celebrity wish lists.

And while some people believes there are some items money can’t buy, Amber is willing to track down anything her client needs, as long as they have the funds.

“It can be anything from securing the newest sneaker release to tracking down a diamond encrusted crocodile Birkin bag,” she told Femail. “If it’s hard to find, it’s likely I will have been asked for it.”

And sales can wrack up to hundreds of thousands of pounds, with Amber’s most expensive sale, a Richard Mille watch, having a re-sell value of £250,000.

Charging a fee to track down items, Amber makes money as a personal shopper to the rich and famous
Amber Gordon
She shares some of the most envy-inducing products on Instagram, where she boasts 23,000 followers
Amber Gordon

But working with exclusive clients, including Premier League footballers and their wives, entrepreneurs and world royalty, means there is extreme pressure for things to go to plan.

In one recent hiccup, Amber found herself booking a last-minute flight to ‘the other side of the world’ in search of a Hermes crocodile clutch, worth up to £35,00, after promising one to a client.

“I earned nothing from the transaction and had to fly to meet the deadline,” she explained. “The stress almost gave me a heart attack.”

Luckily for Amber, she choose to balance her stressful job with plenty of downtime overseas, often lounging by swanky pools or out on her own shopping sprees.

Amber has to fly to exotic locations in order to get her hands on some products
Amber Gordon
While travelling, Amber takes much-needed time out, often working from the beach or restaurants
Amber Gordon

She shares her envy-inducing life on Instagram, where she boasts 23,000 followers – posting snaps from her world travels or of rare items she’s managed to secure.

“In the last year I’ve been to New York, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Paris – some of these more than once,” she added. “Towards the end of 2018 I was away more than I was home and I was exhausted.

“I make time to enjoy the places I go to but at the end of the day I am working, I’ll just maybe work from my phone at a beach club or a rooftop bar.”

A dramatic change from living in a ‘small flat’ with her headteacher mother and carpenter dad, Amber admits her family thinks her luxurious lifestyle is like being on ‘another planet’.

Amber started from humble beginnings, living in a small house with her family
Amber Gordon

“My dad thinks it’s absurd someone would pay £50,00 for a handbag,” said Amber. “My granddad always asks me why I would pay £500 for a pair of shoes when I can but five for £100 each.

“I was definitely not born into a life of privilege but now I get to handle all of these incredible pieces and dress people with an endless budget.”

After working as a sales assistant in the shoe department of Selfridges in London, Amber decided she would set up her own company three years ago.

She added: “I always knew I wanted to work in luxury fashion – I studied fashion journalism at university as I always wanted to be a fashion writer but after I graduated I found it hard to get a job.

After graduating, Amber decided to start her own personal shopping business which quickly took off
Amber Gordon

“So I decided I was going to start a personal shopping business and do my own thing. I figured if I couldn’t get the job I wanted I may as well try to create it myself.

“I don’t think anyone really took me seriously when I said I was going to do this, and I didn’t even really know where I wanted it to go – I just knew I didn’t want to be there.”

And while Amber won’t name any of her high net-worth private clients, she’s revealed she has worked for a member of the royal family, business owners and celebrities.”

“I have quite a few footballers wives who are regular buyers and also a handful of premiership players,” she said. “Last month I sourced a watch for a member of the England team.

While she won’t name her clients, Amber has worked for a member of the royal family
Amber Gordon

“My clients have me on WhatApp so I’m pretty much on call 24 hours and they expect the best. If I tell a client something is arriving in two days, delays are not acceptable.

“At times I’ve had to send people half way across the UK to physically deliver items if the deadline is really tight.

“And for high value items, it’s very difficult to organise payment and delivery. An item needs to be checked, I have to view it before I make payment. So if a £200,000 watch is in Hong Kong, I go to Hong Kong.”

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