Peppa Pig Yoghurt Label ‘misprint’ Leaves Suzy Sheep As ‘mutant With Three Eyes And Penis’


A YOGHURT label “misprint” has left beloved Peppa Pig character Suzy Sheep with three eyes and a “penis”.

In a bizarre image posted on Reddit the ovine kids favourite is portrayed as as smirking mutant with a very visible extra appendage.

Reddit A bizarre rendering of Suzy Sheep from Peppa Pig has baffled the users of Reddit after the children’s favourite was apparently portrayed with three eyes and a penis

The misshapen sheep not only has an extra eye and what looks like a todger dangling between her legs but also a third ear on top of her head.

It is not clear if the image is an actual misprint or has been photo-shopped but regardless redditors have piled in with comments on the freaky fromage frais pot.

The sub-Reddit was titled: “Didn’t know Peppa Pig World bordered Springfield nuclear power station. Really hoping that is an actual third leg.”

One user calling themselves “cheese” commented: “At first I thought this was just the join in the label… but isn’t that off to the right, where the dress cuts off and there’s no proper arm?

“Is the poor creature actually printed like that?”

Another chimed in with: “Oh god, Suzy Sheep is Suzy Ram.”

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