'People aren't following rules!' Woman abandons trip as crowds flock to Bournemouth beach


    Police are warning people across the country to observe coronavirus social distancing and lockdown restrictions during the current heatwave. Friday, August 7 was the hottest August day for 17 years, and the Met Office has issued an amber heat warning for the weekend. Big crowds at Britain’s beaches are expected, sparking concerns that people will stop social distancing.

    Having attempted to spend the scorching day at Bournemouth beach with her family, she eventually decided that she had had enough.

    The woman told Sky News: “We did arrive early enough so that we would get a decent space for ourselves.

    “But, as you can see how busy it is, we’re now having to cut the day short and leave early.

    “People just aren’t following rules, they’re just coming on top of you. It’s just too busy.”

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    However, the good weather has come as a relief to many who have been limited by the lockdown.

    Another woman told Sky: “We’re here to enjoy the weather and to see some people.

    “It’s been a long time, we couldn’t go outside because of the lockdown.

    “We’re here to enjoy the weather and have some fun.”

    The local council is urging visitors to continue to follow the Government guidelines.

    The Coast Guard has also pleaded with sun-seekers to stay away from busy beaches.

    Lifeguards are also warning those determined to attend to come prepared.

    This includes planning your day, knowing the tides and being aware of hazards.

    They have encouraged those unsure to approach on-duty guards so that everyone is beach-safe this summer.


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