People Are Seriously Unimpressed By This Restaurant’s ‘full English Breakfast’… So What Do You Think?


WHEN you think of the things that make England England, several things probably come to mind.

Along with the Royal Family, country gardens, football, tennis and TOWIE sits the full English breakfast – which has been a firm staple of our cuisine for as long as we can remember.

Getty – Contributor A proper full English, featuring: bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and toast

There really is no better way to kick-off a lazy weekend morning or gear yourself up for a long day than tucking into a plate of the full works.

And one of the best things about it is you know exactly what’s going to be on your plate: bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and toast – all fried, if you please.

It’s a pretty simple formula, or so one British tourist thought, until he ordered a full English from a Cypriot restaurant on holiday.

The holidaymaker was surprised when what arrived was a frankfurter, a limp pile of bacon, a fried egg, untoasted bread, baked beans and (wait for it) SALAD.

The Cypriot restaurant’s full English, which wasn’t what the tourist had in mind

Who includes salad in a full English?

And a frankfurter? Had the chef not even seen a picture of a fry-up before?

To add insult to injury, the ‘full English’ was served on a wooden board – as if trying to make the offering at least look trendy.

A friend of the tourist shared a picture of the disappointing breakfast on Reddit with the caption: “This is from a friend of mine on holiday, who is half Cypriot, he’s not amused…”

Getty – Contributor A proper plate of the full works

Brits were quick to comment on the post in agreement that this was NOT a full English.

One said: “Did actually fry anything? Also how is that toast and why is there green?”

Another added: “What in the hell is this abomination??”

At the same time, others defended the restaurant, pointing out that given the tourist was in Cyprus, he really should have ordered a Cypriot breakfast.

One made the point: “I suppose if a Cypriot went into some English pub and asked for a Cypriot breakfast he’d get one exactly like they get back home.”

Perhaps the whole experience will be a lesson learned for the holidaymaker – and a reminder to order local food next time.

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