Paul Pogba transfer NEWS: Manchester United midfielder joins Eastern European club


    Paul Pogba has given Manchester United fans a scare this afternoon, after announcing plans to sign for a new team in Eastern Europe.

    The Manchester United midfielder announced his “next chapter” on Twitter, telling fans that he had joined Verdansk FC.

    Fortunately, however, it’s all part of a publicity stunt involving Call of Duty Warzone Season 5.

    The France World Cup winner is partnering with the newly formed club from Call of Duty’s Battle Royale spinoff.

    “Global football superstar and World Cup Winner Paul Pogba has announced his ‘next chapter’ by partnering with a new club in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5,” reads an Activision post.

    “In a message on Pogba’s Twitter channel this week, the 27 year-old revealed he has his sights on working with a new club in Eastern Europe that has only opened up its Stadium this Summer but already boasts a 75m-strong legion of fans around the world.

    “Verdansk FC (a.k.a. the Verdansk Sparks) is a football team based in the country of Kastovia, and following the opening of Verdansk Stadium to mark the beginning of Season 5 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, the club has announced Pogba as its first major signing.”

    The Verdansk FC Stadium is a fictional location found in the huge Call of Duty Warzone map. Fans have been able to battle in the new location since the start of Season 5 earlier this month.

    “Players in Warzone can drop in to Verdansk FC Stadium – nicknamed the National Acropolis Arena – now, just one of a number of new locations added in Season 5.

    “Other locations include the Train Station interior and a colossal, continuously moving freight train to claim as a mobile base of operations.”

    Pogba has also revealed his favourite Call of Duty Warzone loadout, revealing that he favours the Glitch Bruen MK9 as his main.

    Paul Pogba’s favourite loadout in Warzone is…

    • Primary weapon: The Glitch Bruen MK9

    • Secondary weapon: Open Season Kar98k

    • Lethal equipment: C4

    • Tactical equipment: Heartbeat sensor

    • Perk one: E.O.D

    • Perk two: Overkill

    • Perk three: Tracker


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