Panto villain Reed fears coming face-to-face with family during Masters 2019 defence after fallout over wife


SUPPORT from your nearest and dearest tends to be a vital asset for any man at The Masters.

But for golf’s panto villain Patrick Reed, the prospect of bumping into his own family at Augusta this week has filled the defending champ with dread.

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Patrick Reed has become the pantomime villain of golf but fears his family show up at Augusta this week[/caption]

It all stems down to a fallout Reed had with his family over wife Justine, who he married aged 22, against the advice of his parents who believed he was too young.

Their public feud in the past few years has fuelled the 28-year-old American’s reputation as the bad boy of golf.

Stories of his misdemeanours go all the way back to his college days.

The brash World No18 was booted out of the University of Georgia for underage drinking, according to a book about him, and was accused of stealing around £300 and a luxury Scotty Cameron putter.

A former coach claimed Reed tried to gain an advantage by playing the wrong ball in a tournament.

He strongly denies all allegations.

I don’t know that they’d p*** on him if he was on fire, to tell you the truth.

PGA Tour star Kevin Kisner

Reed was no doubt a star at university but, according to PGA Tour star Kevin Kisner, he was far from popular.

Kisner told Golf Digest: “They all hate him – any guys that were on the team with him [at Georgia] hate him and that’s the same way at Augusta.

“I don’t know that they’d p*** on him if he was on fire, to tell you the truth.”

Despite the disputes and fallouts, Reed’s talent saw him rise through the rankings and last year reach his peak in Georgia by claiming a green jacket.

He embraced Justine on the 18th but mum Jeannette and dad Bill were nowhere to be seen.

Reed fell out with his parents over his marriage to wife Justine

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Justine reportedly got Reed’s parents kicked out the US Open in 2016[/caption]

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Reed is the defending champion at Augusta this week[/caption]

Reed has cut all ties with his parents after Justine reportedly got them kicked out of the US Open two years earlier, and they have not met his two young children.

But Reed worries they could make an appearance this week.

He told The New York Times: “I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they show up.

“What will I do? What can I do? Nothing.”

Reed has already had to deal with the presence of his father and younger sister, Hannah, appearing alongside the fairway.

It has happened twice in the last year including the Tour Championship.

Reed insisted his wild play was self-inflicted that day as he hit just six fairways and ended the round heading straight for the range.

There is unlikely to be much pity for him, though, given Reed’s track record in recent years.

Paul Azinger, a former Ryder Cup captain, believes Reed thrives on being disliked.

Azinger said: “He dubbed himself Captain America. He embraces that villain.

“It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. It’s a game where you’re isolated.”

Reed is more isolated than most, but doesn’t care.

Should his family show up this week, they will be just one more face among the thousands at Augusta.

Father Bill and Sister Hannah have followed his career without being in contact

Twitter @jkreed58

Reed, who grew up in Georgia, is well known as the bad boy of golf[/caption]

Reed was an unpopular figure at the University of Georgia

Twitter @PReedGolf

Reed’s parents have never met his two children with Justine[/caption]

Twitter @PReedGolf

Reed has ignored his parents when they turned up to watch him play[/caption]



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