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Outlander: 'I would love to' Claire Fraser star Caitronia Balfe tease next move on show

Caitriona continued: “But we had a renegotiation and part of that was we both wanted to be producers and it takes a long time for these things to be worked out so it wasn’t until this season that that happened.

“We didn’t get the approval until right before shooting.

“Earlier on we didn’t have as much influence but towards the end of the season, in terms of really working the scripts, we were there.

“We had a lot of new writers and a lot of new producers this season and Matt and Marilyn, the writers room is in LA, so I think we were really helpful being on the ground and walk people who were newer to the show through what’s the core of our show and trying to retain the essence of the show we might have lost a little in season four.”


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