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Outlander deleted scene: Intimate Claire and Jamie Fraser cut from season 5 revealed

Claire was abducted and sexually assaulted before being rescued by Jamie and his men.

Reflecting on the episode, Caitriona told Deadline: “I think anytime you tackle sexual violence or rape you want to do it the most responsible way that you can and I think something we’ve always done on Outlander is try and take a point of view and highlight something that can be somewhat helpful in terms of starting a conversation.

“ With this particular storyline, when Matt came to talk to us about it and start talking about disassociation, which is also something which you don’t often see when rape is being handled.

“So we talked a lot with RAINN at how we could approach this and also just in terms of making sure we had trigger warnings at the start of the episode.”

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.


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