Oh dear, Nicola! SNP's independence plot at risk as No10 has secret weapon to derail it


    Support for Scottish independence now stands at 54 percent with 46 percent support for the union, according to the latest poll. Jackson Carlaw, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, told BBC Newsnight that the surge for the SNP’s secession was down to the impacts of the coronavirus crisis. But he claimed the calls for independence would recede again when the UK Government starts leading the country back to economic health because “only the UK Treasury has the legal power to borrow the vast sums needed to fund its economy intervention”.

    Mr Carlaw said: “The Scottish Government has no borrowing powers.

    “Only the UK Treasury has the legal power to borrow the vast sums needed to fund its economy intervention.

    “The second half of this emergency is the economic emergency, the economic challenge.

    “The announcements which we’ve just seen are not so much about managing ourselves through the pandemic itself, but managing our way out of it.”

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    He continued: “We absolutely have to now recognise that a debate on our constitutional future isn’t going to secure Scotland’s economy, jobs or businesses in the period ahead.

    “Nor would a Scottish Government acting along secure that.

    “It’s there that I think the broad shoulders of Great Britain really stand out.

    “People will see again just how important that is fundamentally to the character and life of Scotland.”

    However, the stamp duty tax threshold rise, energy efficient vouchers and apprenticeship ‘bonus’ scheme do not apply.

    The Chancellor called his package of measures “absolutely vital” for Scotland.

    The Scottish government welcomed parts of Mr Sunak’s announcement, but accused him of showing a lack of ambition by not introducing the £80bn stimulus package it had called for.

    Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said: “We called for an £80bn stimulus package to build a strong, green and inclusive economic recovery and while there are elements in this announcement to be welcomed, in particular the measures on VAT for tourism and hospitality, overall this package is a huge opportunity missed.

    “It falls well short of delivering what is needed to boost the economy and protect jobs.”


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