Nintendo Switch Lite and Link's Awakening deal: Buy new console and get Zelda FREE


If you were wondering, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-focused version of the Nintendo Switch.

It features permanently attached Joy-Con controllers (so it can’t play motion-controlled games without spare controllers, unfortunately) and a slightly smaller screen in a more durable form factor.

The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is also an update to something a little older. This is a gorgeous remake of a Game Boy classic that was announced earlier this year. 

It even features a bonus Chamber Dungeon mode, which lets players design their own dungeons.

Nintendo explains more: “During your adventures, Link will acquire mystical items called ‘Chamber Stones’ that can be arranged into custom layouts to form Chamber Dungeons!

“Mix and match different chambers to your hearts content: place an entrance, add some puzzles, keys, boss battles, and everything in-between.

“Once your Chamber Dungeon is complete, try to conquer it and reap the rewards within!”

While it’s been compared to Mario Maker, early impressions have not been kind to the Chamber Dungeons feature.

“This feels like a rudimentary, stripped-down version of what a Zelda Maker could look like, and the results are really bad,” reads a Kotaku post.

Nintendo has had quite the year – between Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and more – the system’s exclusive lineup is impressive. That looks set to continue with the upcoming releases of Luigi’s Mansion 3 in October and Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield in November.


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