Home Local Nicola Sturgeon’s £6.8billion independence miscalculation would have ‘bankrupt’ Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon’s £6.8billion independence miscalculation would have ‘bankrupt’ Scotland


Tony Miklinski told Express.co.uk that the SNP promised that Scotland would be fiscally independent as they could rely on £7billion of oil revenue. However, Mr Miklinski stated the income from the oil in 2014 was £0.2billion. 

“The SNP is the party that promised us in 2014 that we would be fiscally independent because they could rely on the oil providing £7billion of revenue to underpin our independence.

“The income that year was £0.2billion.

Had we taken the option of independence in 2014 we would have been bankrupt and had our begging bowl out.

“They are the party that say they will keep the pound but without a formal economic union with the UK Government.

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“There is no economic case for our independence that doesn’t involve serious austerity.”

During the same, interview the Scottish Conservative warned Ms Sturgeon that some members of the SNP are growing tired of following her patient approach to Scottish independence.

Mr Miklinski told Express.co.uk Ms Sturgeon’s power base is not secure because people are getting impatient with her approach to Scottish independence.

He warned that Scotland’s First Minister has promised the impossible and she has now got nothing left to offer.

“They have been promised so many times that they would get independence and it was just around the corner and they have been disappointed so many times.

“They have been promised the impossible.

“They said once in a generation, we are six years on, that is not a generation.

“Nicola has got nothing left to offer.”    


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