Nicola Sturgeon told to resign after embarrassing U-turn -'Should have resigned years ago'


    Following days of protests by teachers and pupils over last week’s exam results, Scotland’s Education Secretary issued an emergency statement. A row erupted after the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) downgraded 124,000 exam results.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, exams were scrapped and the SQA were tasked with issuing out grades to school pupils.

    While handing out grades based on recommendations by teachers, the SQA amended 133,000 entries, with around seven percent adjusted upwards.

    But the vast majority, a staggering 124,000 results, were downgraded by a full grade.

    Following the row, John Swinney, Scotland’s Education Secretary and Deputy First Minister, told the SQA to reinstate all the downgraded results.

    Mr Swinney is now facing a vote of no-confidence over the embarrassing U-turn.

    Scottish Labour is pushing for the vote, which is expected to be held on Thursday afternoon.

    Nicola Sturgeon has also come under fire for the move, as she initially vigorously defended the SQA’s handling of the debacle.

    But on Monday she apologised to pupils and acknowledged they had made an error.

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    She said: “Despite our best intentions, I do acknowledge that we did not get this right.

    “I’m not prepared to have this year’s cohort of pupils, particularly from deprived communities, thinking that their hard work at school doesn’t count or the system is determined to be against them.”

    Following the chaos caused by the exam results in Scotland, an poll, which ran from 12pm to 9pm on Wednesday, August 12, asked readers, ‘Should Nicola Sturgeon resign after embarrassing U-turn?’

    With 5,455 votes cast overall, a staggering 81 percent (4,517) called for the First Minister to step down.

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    Only 18 percent (880) said ‘no’ and 58 people voted opted for ‘don’t know’.

    Responding to the poll, one person said: “I think this U-turn will prove to be the beginning of the end for Sturgeon’s leadership.”

    Another said: “The SNP might rue the day they voted for a reduction in voting age to include 16 and 17-year-olds!!!”

    Another echoed the sentiment and congratulated the Scottish youths.

    Someone else pointed out it is up to the Scottish people to vote out Ms Sturgeon and said she is “a liability”.

    They said: “Even if everyone in the United Kingdom voted for Sturgeon to resign, she would not.

    “So, what’s the points, it’s just up to the Scottish people, they should see by now that she’s a liability.”

    Another pointed out if the SNP reverse the downgraded results, they should do the same for upgrading

    Another person compared Ms Sturgeon to Sadiq Khan and said: “Sturgeon is to beautiful Scotland what Khan is to London.

    “Totally incompetent in every way and will blame everyone but themselves.

    “They are both embarrassingly bad.”

    Someone else simply put: “She should have resigned years ago.”


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