Nicola Sturgeon savaged for sacrificing Brexit benefits in plot for independent Scotland

Brexiteer and former Brexit Party MEP, Ben Habib, attacked Nicola Sturgeon for her attitude on Scottish independence. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Habib claimed Nicola Sturgeon would have to meet three crucial requirements before the EU consider an Scotland’s membership. He argued the SNP First Minister would be willing to sacrifice access to Scottish fishing waters and willing to pay massive sums into the EU.

Mr Habib said: “There are three instant requirements the EU would have if they were to entertain any application from Scotland.

“The first would be that they would require Scotland to be a net contributor to the EU.

“I think the Scots might find that unpalatable.”

Mr Habib claimed the EU would also demand access to the fishing waters as they would have lost their rights to UK waters.

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He said: “The EU would require Scotland to give up their fishing waters.

“This would be something they would have only recently recovered.

“I think that would be unpalatable to the Scottish fishing industry.

“The third thing is they would require Scotland to sign up to the Euro.”

Mr Habib also claimed the First Minister was not being truthful about the implications of independence.

He said: “When Nicola Sturgeon talks about Scottish Independence, she is not being honest.

“She is not proposing Scottish independence.

“What she is proposing is leaving the United Kingdom, which it has been a part since 1707, and joining the EU as a vassal state.

“That is what Scotland will eventually become, that is the choice she is giving the Scottish people at vast cost.”


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