Nicola Sturgeon briefing branded a 'power trip' in furious backlash against SNP leader


    Nicola Sturgeon urged the public not to drop their vigilance after she confirmed that there has been no new coronavirus deaths in Scotland for the past two days. However, she said that the number of positive COVID-19 infection cases in Scotland has reached its highest daily rise in three weeks. Her press briefing to Scotland was branded a “power trip” after she was accused of “lecturing” to Scots on how to wear a face mask. 

    It is now compulsory to wear a face covering in Scotland in shops and on public transport and Ms Sturgeon said police can issue fines to those who do not follow this law.

    Reaction to the briefing saw viewers remark that “Sturgeon loves her power trip”.

    Another added: “I’m starting to think Sturgeon – currently giving a lecture, sorry, briefing – is enjoying being a Covid dictator a little too much. It’s as if it’s a dream come true for SNP lifestyle policing.” 

    One viewer said: “Also, one can’t help but conclude, respectfully, that Sturgeon just enjoys the sound of her own voice…” 



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