Nicola Adams: Strictly 2020 star admits people move bags away from her as she talks racism


    Nicola Adams, 37, a former Olympic boxer who competed from 2017 to 2019, has shared that she often is “treated differently” by the British public. The star explained how often when she is out shopping, people will “move their bag away” from her or security guards will follow her around a store.

    Nicola said: “As a Black woman, I know I’m treated differently – subtle things, like people moving their handbags away from me or security guards following me around shops”.

    The star also revealed that she no longer replies to hateful comments online, instead she chooses to “block” homophobes and racists.

    The former boxing champ explained: “I’ve become resilient to the comments I get online.

    “I’ll block people rather than reply. But recently, Ella [Nicola’s partner] and I decided to fight back, because maybe there are people out there who aren’t able to cope with these sorts of messages; people who might find it comforting to know that even though I’m an Olympic champion, people still say horrible things to me,” she added to Women’s Health.

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    Like Nicola, Ella is also from Leeds, and it is thought that the couple live together as they post loved up selfies over on social media.

    In one recent snap of the couple, Nicola captioned the photo: “Together is my favourite place to be.”

    Before dating Ella, the boxing star was dating fellow boxer Marlen Esparza, 29.

    The couple were engaged for 16 months before going their separate ways.


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