NHS funding: I’ll pump billions into it, vows Rishi Sunak


    Mr Sunak has agreed to a cash injection and will sign off the money once NHS leaders produce details showing what they need. They are said to want an extra £10billion. Government sources said the Chancellor will stand by his commitment at to give the NHS “whatever it takes” to see it through the crisis. Health Secretary Matt Hancock also insisted yesterday it will be given the funding it needs.

    Talks are now under way between the health service and the Treasury.

    NHS England chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said there could be “very significant” extra costs later this year as the service prepares to deliver its “biggest ever” flu vaccination campaign.

    It will also spend more on PPE and extra beds.

    Sir Simon added: “The signs are that we will get the support we need.”

    He also called for plans to overhaul social care within a year.

    He added: “If any good is to come from this, in my opinion, we must use this to resolve once and for all to actually properly resource and reform the way in which social care works.”

    Around £32billion has already been awarded to the NHS to shore it up.

    The additional funding will be announced when it is signed off rather than in Mr Sunak’s financial statement on Wednesday.

    That will focus on jobs and the economy, particularly for the young.

    Mr Sunak said: “We’re doing everything we can to support, protect and give people the skills they need to secure jobs.”

    He will announce the expansion of traineeships to give thousands of young people new skills.

    Around £111million will be spent on tripling the number of places for 16-24 year olds.

    Former political adviser Mats Persson said it was time to throw “the kitchen sink” into the recovery.


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