Newborn baby found covered in ants and mosquito bites after being dumped next to rubbish bags in Thailand


A NEWBORN baby has been found covered in ants and mosquito bites after it was dumped next to rubbish bags on the side of the road in Thailand on Saturday.

Anucha Boonkhai, 18, a binman, told police that after he had loaded rubbish from all the bins in Ban Kao village in Tambon Ban Kao, he spotted the baby in a pile of towels.

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The baby was treated at a local hospital after it was found abandoned next to rubbish bins[/caption]

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The bins next to which the baby boy was found[/caption]

After checking the pile of towels, he saw a baby boy, hose umbilical cord had not been cut and who was still smudged in blood.

The baby was miraculously still breathing, however was bitten by mosquitoes and ants.

This prompted Boonkhai to call an emergency unit of a hospital and then informed police, according to local news Matichon.

Police now plan to check footage from security cameras in the area to try to identify the person who had dumped the baby at the spot.

This isn’t the first time a newborn baby has been found in rubbish bins in Thailand.

In 2017, a baby girl was rescued by villagers who heard her cries for help after she was abandoned on the side of the road.

The little girl, who was just 12 hours old, had been wrapped in blankets, stuffed inside a rucksack and left to die in a plastic barrel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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The baby is now in good health but is still recovering from ant and mosquito bites[/caption]

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The binman points to where he spotted the newborn[/caption]

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He showed pictures from the day of the frightening discovery[/caption]

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