New Zealand shooting: Extremists ALREADY plotting revenge terror attack, expert warns


The unprecedented attack in the otherwise peaceful city of Christchurch is fuelling feelings of vengeance among Islamist extremists, Will Geddes, founder and managing director of International Corporate Projection group, warned. In the wake of the deadly terror attack, which killed at least 49 people and seriously injured dozens more, Mr Geddes said some extremists are already plotting their revenge. Describing the New Zealand shooting as “the worst kind of own goal”, he said: “The far right extremists are dousing oil in the proverbial fire for the rest of us. 

“Whatever stupid, mindless, moronic actions they can achieve to try and suppress or combat Islamic extremism,it’s doing the opposite.

“Certainly there has been chatter on some of the Islamist extremism messaging apps of them reacting to this instance and using this to further their agenda.

“So there’s a concern firstly of Islamic extremists feeling justified to respond in the wake of this – it’s almost giving them justification for their extremism.”

Three people have been arrested in relation to the terror attack, carried out at lunchtime local time.  

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A 28-year-old man was charged with murder and will appear in court Saturday morning local time.

Two others were arrested on possession of firearms and are still in custody while police try to understand their involvement in the attack, said New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush.

At least one of those arrested is Australian, said Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who added the shooting was the work of an “extremist right-wing, violent terrorist”.

Mr Geddes explained far-right terrorism is not always well monitored by authorities. 

He explained: “There is far-right extremism and far-right terrorism is often overlooked by the general public as bot being as important and as concerning as Islamic extremism which tends to dominate the headlines.

“They will often hide in plain sight and they are less easy to detect and in this particular instance he was unknown to New Zealand intelligence agencies and there counterparts in Australia.”

Eye-witness reports of the tragic scenes are emerging.

One witness told TVNZ: “It started in the main room. 

“I was in the side room, so I didn’t see who was shooting but I saw that some people were running out to my room where I was in, I saw some people had blood on their body and some people were limping.

“It was at the moment I realised things were really serious.

“So I tried too get out and I pushed myself at the back where my car was, and from there I heard the shooting, it went on six minutes or more, I could hear screaming and crying, I saw some people drop dead, some people were running away, I was in a wheelchair, so I couldn’t get anywhere.

“He did his massacre inside the mosque.”    


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