New Zealand shooting: Attacker planted BOMBS on cars ahead of carnage police confirm


In a press brief, Mike Bush said that the cars had been made safe after IEDs were found on them. He said: “This speaks to the seriousness of what occurred.” The revelations come after at least nine people were confirmed as dead after a gunman shot at worshippers in a mosque.

Mr Bush answered questions surrounding the emergence of a live stream of the horrendous attack which has circulated on Facebook.

The attacker streamed the incident on Facebook and it has been widely shared by users on the social media platform and on Twitter.

Mr Bush said: “It’s very disturbing, it shouldn’t be in the public domain.”

He added: “Let’s not assume the danger is gone.”

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He also told reporters that details surrounding whether the police were aware of the four people arrested would come out within the next few days.

Earlier, New Zealand’s Prime Minister spoke to the nation, stating the attack was “one of the country’s darkest days”.

Two mosques were struck by gunmen.

The city’s main hospital was also locked down to protect patients as well as the dozens of victims being treated there.

Throughout Friday schools were forced to shut its doors, which has now been lifted.

Mr Bush said: “This is absolutely tragic and there will be so many people affected.”

He says they will set up a facility so that families of the victims that can get the information they need, but they don’t have the identities of the victims yet, due to the lockdown.

Earlier, cricketers from the Bangladesh national team told of how they managed to escape from the mosque.


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