New Converse trainers change from white into rainbow colours when you go in the sun


CONVERSE has teamed up with an online retailer to launch a magical, UV-activated shoe.

Pairing up with US-based Chinatown Market, the trainers company is launching a shoe that changes colour when exposed to sunlight.

The magical shoes change from white to multi coloured

The retailer posted a video of the incredible transformation on Instagram earlier this week – and fans were mega impressed.

In the clip, the trainers transform from off-white, to rainbow-coloured in a matter of seconds as they are moved into the light.

Another clip shows the incredible change occur when placed under a UV torch, with the Converse transforming into a combination of blue, orange and pink.

Speaking to Sneaker News about the incredible technology, Chinatown Market founder and designer Mike Cherman said: “I think that’s what’s so fun about this project.

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“It makes the shoe more than just a shoe. It’s a conversation pieces, something that’s unique the wearer.

“These hues change in their own way, and some colours will last longer while others will last for a shorter time period.

“It’s the beauty of the shoes: how unique they are.

“It changes with you. You go to a music festival, the shoes are all bright and crazy in the sunlight, and the moment you step inside a tent, they go back to their pastel base and are different. That’s what’s so fun.”

Shoppers are going wild for the magical trainers
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The collection launches on the Chinatown Market website on Saturday July 20 at 08:01AM UK time.

There are two styles available – the Chuck 70 Hi model, which you can snap up for £81 and the Chuck 70s, which retail for £77.

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