My girlfriend is too busy to find time for me and I feel really frustrated


DEAR DEIDRE: I SEE my girlfriend just once a month but she said we should “tone it down” when I asked her if we were OK.

It’s crazy, I hardly see her at all as it is. I’ve given her space because she works full-time and she has three boys, but I am the one doing all the contacting.

My girlfriend is too busy to find time for me and I feel really frustrated
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I’m 38 and she’s 35. She admitted she can’t be in a relationship just now so I asked if we should stop talking.

She said she wanted me to keep in contact, so I text her every day and call every couple of days.

When I suggest a date, she says, “No, I can’t. But I answer your texts and calls so that should be enough”.

I’m getting so frustrated.

DEIDRE SAYS: I am not surprised. A good relationship has to fulfil the needs of both parties – and right now, your needs are far from being met.

Find a quiet moment to call her and say you will have to see her more if this relationship is to succeed. Give her some time to sort herself out. But if nothing changes, accept it is over.

My e-leaflet Your Relationship MOT will help her understand the potential for your relationship if she would give you a chance.

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