My Brexit Plan Will Let Us End Freedom Of Movement, Strike Our Own Trade Deals And Be Free Of The European Court


TWO years ago, the people of the UK spoke in greater numbers than ever before when they voted to leave the European Union.

Since then, my number one priority has been to give this country the Brexit it called for — and, with the plan being published on Thursday, we’re taking the next step towards doing just that.

EPA Since I became the Prime Minster I have made it my mission to deliver Brexit

Since the plan was agreed at Chequers last week, there’s been a lot of talk about what it all means.

When I think about the people I’ve spoken with over the past two years, and The Sun’s coverage of its readers’ concerns on Brexit, it’s clear to me that three questions come up more than any others.

Does it mean an end to freedom of movement? Will we be able to sign our own trade deals? And will the UK be outside the jurisdiction of the European Court?

I’m very pleased to say the answers are very simple: yes, yes and yes.

EPA I am happy to say that after the Chequers summit I can explain our plan

First, it will mean a genuine end to freedom of movement.

No longer will people be allowed to arrive here from across Europe on the off-chance that they might find a job.

We will always welcome the skilled professionals who help our country thrive, from doctors and nurses to engineers and entrepreneurs but for the first time in decades, we will have full control of our borders.

And it will be the UK, not Brussels, that decides who should be allowed to live and work here.

Alamy Live News We will be able to forge our own independent trade deals with countries outside of the EU

Second, we will have our own completely independent trade policy, our own seat at the World Trade Organisation and the ability to set tariffs and strike trade deals with whoever we please.

British goods and services are in huge demand internationally, so it’s no surprise that countries are queuing up to make trade deals with us after we leave the EU.

We are having good discussions with countries we would aim to sign trade deals with, including the US, as I will discuss with President Trump when he arrives in the UK on Thursday.

Third, our plan will take back control of our laws.

Alamy Live News The EU’s plans for a standard, off-the-shelf trade deal with Northern Ireland still in the customs union would break up the country

We will no longer be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union, instead, British judges in British courts will rule on our laws.

And while we will commit to have common rules with the EU on things like exhaust emissions and food safety, Parliament will have to agree these rules.

Put simply, such EU rules will no longer automatically and directly apply in the UK — Parliament will have a say.

It’s clear to me that this is the right Brexit deal for Britain, although there are, of course, some alternatives.

Theresa May rules out another Brexit referendum

The EU’s preferred option — a standard, off-the-shelf trade deal for Great Britain with Northern Ireland in the customs union and parts of the single market — would break up our country.

The other option the EU suggests, a combination of EEA membership with continued membership of the customs union, would not be Brexit at all.

We would have no control over immigration, no ability to strike our own trade deals, and would still be liable for vast annual payments to Brussels.

And while we must prepare for the possibility of leaving without a deal, I’m clear that the best outcome — for both the UK and the EU — is a deal based on the ideas we are setting out on Thursday.

Alamy I vowed that Brexit does mean Brexit and I promise that we will leave the European Union

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