My boyfriend is amazing in bed — but he’s no looker and not right for me


DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend and I have been dating for three months. We are both 23. He is amazing in bed but I’m not totally happy with his appearance. I’m not sure he’s right for me.

He stormed off after an argument one night and left me nowhere to go but back to his friend’s house.

I keep dreaming that I’ve met his friend on my own and we’ve ended up having sex
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I’ve always fancied his mate, who is a couple of years older.

He told me that my boyfriend is always checking my messages when he can get to my phone and that my boyfriend had told him I’m sleeping around, which just isn’t true.

I keep dreaming that I’ve met his friend on my own and we’ve ended up having sex.

I don’t know whether to end things with my boyfriend.

DEIDRE SAYS: Good sex is great but something is putting you off him. His appearance is less important than the fact he is lying about you.

If you split, do not try to get together with his friend immediately. Let the dust settle first.

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