Muse concert movie release date: When is Muse Simulation Theory coming out?


    Muse has released a huge number of albums over its time in the music scene. As well as the music itself, Muse gigs are always a true event, with their work being shown in more than just a great performance, as lights and visuals take over. For fans, the upcoming IMAX experience movie of Muse’s Simulation Theory tour will be the perfect thing to catch at the cinema.

    When is Muse: Simulation Theory IMAX Experience in cinemas?

    Needless to say, the film is not available in every cinema, given it is an IMAX event, meaning it is available on IMAX screens in the UK.

    The movie comes out on August 17, meaning fans can take some time out of their summer holiday to get sit in an air-conditioned cinema setting.

    Muse: Simulation Theory will be available in select IMAX cinemas in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Mongolia, so fans should check online for cinema timings near them.

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    For those who do not have an IMAX cinema, however, there are options for you.

    After the run in IMAX cinemas, the movie will also be available for rent or download worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play from August 21.

    As a result, fans can watch the movie at home rather than go to the cinema, or they can catch up on it after the big-screen experience.

    However, for fans who want to be fully immersed in the Muse world, the IMAX may be the right place.

    What is the Muse: Simulation Theory movie about?

    The movie is a concert film, meaning a great deal of it shows the band performing on the stage.

    However, the film also shows some never-before-seen backstage content of the band as they prepare for a huge tour, going to 28 countries around the world.

    The official synopsis reads: “The film includes a never-before-heard score accompanying Muse’s historic 28 country Simulation Theory Tour from February to October of 2019 and features 22 songs, intercut with a new thrilling and visually stunning narrative production that follows a team of scientists investigating a paranormal anomaly in a search to save humanity…

    “Initially conceived and filmed at London’s 02 Arena in September of 2019, the film blurs the lines between concert, narrative, virtual, and reality.

    “The film has also undergone IMAX’s cutting-edge propriety Digital Media Re-Mastering (DMR) and sound mixing process to take advantage of the stunning visuals and precision audio of the IMAX Experience.

    “In IMAX, MUSE fans and more will be immersed in a supernatural spectacle of unmatched scope and clarity, surrounded by next-generation precision audio that delivers pitch-perfect tuning and pin-point accuracy in custom-designed IMAX cinemas.”

    The film was directed by Lance Drake, who also directed promo videos for the Simulation Theory album, and was produced by Muse along with the director and the band’s frontman, Matthew Bellamy.

    Muse – Simulation Theory: The IMAX Experience is out on August 17 in cinemas, before it comes out online on August 21


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