Mum’s horror after realising her intricate arrow tattoo is ‘wonky and uneven’ – and people are asking ‘why on earth have you done this to yourself?’


GETTING your first inking is something most tattoo fans spend months – even YEARS – agonising over.

However, one horrified mum has been left with a “wonky and uneven” tattoo after her intricate arrow inking didn’t quite go to plan.


The mum posted an image of her inking on Mumsnet where she asked fellow users for advice[/caption]

Posting images of her new inking on Mumsnet, the woman explained how she had got the tattoo 10 days ago and is worried about how it’s healing.

Highlighting the thick, heavy-handed lines and wonky details, the woman added: “There’s a few bits I’m not happy with. Is it normal to go back for touching up?”

Giving the tattoo artist the benefit of the doubt, the user wrote: “To be fair, it’s in a very sensitive place on my inner wrist and the artist may have been sparing me somewhat.”

Turning to Mumsnet for help, the woman concluded: “I can’t ask anyone [in real life] because they’ll all be too polite!”



Users were equally horrified by the ‘wobbly’ look of the tattoo[/caption]

But while some users blamed the tattoo artist for the mishap, others were quick to criticise the “grim” design.

Taking the woman’s request for honesty a bit too seriously, one user replied: “Why on earth have you done this to yourself? What is it?”

Another added: “I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like – but I’m not impressed. Sorry.”

And considering how the intricate design was supposed to be dainty, a third replied: “It has been done by a heavy hand, yes. It’s pretty amateur So sorry.”

The mum highlighted the ‘wonky and uneven’ details on her tattoo

The woman later revealed that the design is “very personal” to her and is “based around a poem that speaks to me.”

Advising her on what she should do next, one wrote: “The whole tattoo does look a bit wobbly, like it’s a sketchy style.

“If you want sharp even lines, it doesn’t look like this tattooist can do that. Try to find someone else.”

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