Mum saves thousands on a new fridge by updating her old one for just a tenner using slick vinyl tape


SAVVY mums are sharing their to tip for transforming their fridges to have marble, wood and even chalkboard exteriors – and all it takes is a £10 roll of sticky-back vinyl.

The trend, which makes the appliance look more expensive than it really is, blew up on Facebook after one woman shared photos of her modified refrigerator.

The mum shared her take on he trend, which makes the appliance look more expensive

Members of Australian Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Decor were amazed when the anonymous woman shared the transformation of her fridge from a clinic white to something more chic.

She wrote: “Vinyl wrapped our fridge this afternoon. What a difference it makes. What can I put on top of the fridge? The plants are there to test what they look like.”

The mum revealed she used two rolls of the sticky-back plastic from Ozzie supermarket Kmart which cost just a few dollars – while Brits have been using B&Q’s self-adhesive, which costs £10 a roll.

Explaining it was as easy as pressing the plastic onto the surface, smoothing it out and cutting to size, the women showed that anyone can complete this simple DIY hack.

The mum transformed her plain white fridge with the cheap vinyl stickers
Members of Australian Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Decor shared images of their own transformations
All the mums needed was a roll or two of the sticky back plastic

Other mums took to the comments to share the transformation of their fridges, with many loving the chalkboard plastic which the family can write on.

“The chalk board is great for shopping lists or families with kids,” explained one woman.

While another added: “Our fridge used to be a horrible cream colour that did not fit in with our kitchen at all, but now it’s perfect and genuinely looks brand new.”

The trick works so well that it’s not just fridges mums revealed they are covering up, with some taking to the comments to share similar hacks using the plastic.

Hundreds of other mums flooded the comments to share their transformed fridges
The sticky backed plastic comes in a variety of different colours and patterns

“I bought a desk and some vinyl wrap and turned something very plain into something super fancy,” a woman wrote. “Now I’m so happy with my office area.”

“Regular dining tables wouldn’t fit in out home so I covered a foldable camping table with a wood effect plastic wrap,” another said. “I absolutely love it.”

In other news, a mum shared how she transformed her dingy kitchen by spending just £60 on paint and a stick-on worktop.



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