Mum guilty of killing her two-month-old baby girl to stop her crying by crushing her so hard her ribs snapped


A SINGLE mum has been found guilty of killing her two-month-old baby by crushing her as she tried to stop her from crying.

Abigail Palmer, 33, was accused of pressing the chest of tiny Teri-Rae with such force that she snapped her ribs.


Abigal Palmer (left) denies manslaughter[/caption]

Palmer, of Redfern Close, Solihull, West Midlands, was found guilty of manslaughter and wounding at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday.

Teri-Rae died on January 2, 2017 – nine weeks after being born weighing just 4lb 7ozs.

Palmer is alleged to have fractured two of the baby’s ribs the day before her death, as well as in late December 2016.

Some of Teri-Rae’s ribs were found to have buckled. Others had snapped.


When quizzed, Palmer said she’d taken a nap on the sofa with her daughter and woke up to find the baby “blue and lifeless”, Birmingham Live reports.

Teri-Rae’s death was initially treated as non-suspicious but a skeletal examination revealed she had suffered a number of healing and fresh rib fractures.

Palmer had tested positive for cocaine during her pregnancy and was facing the threat of Teri-Rae being taken into care before the baby died.

She had also been spotted going to a pub with Teri-Rae and drinking wine, the report claims.

Mrs Justice Lambert rejected an application for bail and said a jail sentence was “inevitable”.

Palmer will be sentenced on Thursday.


Prosecuting, Jonas Hankin QC, said: “Significant force is required to cause rib fractures in a baby.

“The presence of rib fractures in a baby of this age is indicative of deliberate injury.

“The presence of multiple unexplained rib fractures on multiple occasions, as here, is highly indicative of abusive injury.

“The prosecution case is on each occasion the defendant, Abigail Palmer, inflicted these injuries on her baby by forcefully compressing her chest, most likely to silence her crying.”

The court heard that Palmer denies harming Teri-Rae and insists that the baby was never out of her sight.

Jurors were told that post-mortem tests revealed multiple, fresh rib fractures, which “at least contributed to her death”.

Abigail Palmer, inflicted these injuries on her baby by forcefully compressing her chest, most likely to silence her crying

Jonas Hankin QC, Prosecuting

The baby struggled breathe and ultimately died from asphyxia, the court heard

Prosecutors allege that older injuries found on the tot were also caused by Palmer, who is on bail.

Mr Hankin added: “Teri-Rae was in defendant’s sole care when she suffered multiple rib fractures on the morning of January 2, 2017.

“No-one else can be responsible.”

The court was told that concerns were raised over Palmer shortly into her pregnancy with Teri-Rae.

Mr Hankin told how she had a history of substance abuse and flagged positive for cocaine during a screening at 15 weeks’ pregnant.

She was brought in to Birmingham’s Heartlands hospital at 37 weeks’ pregnant to be induced because of Teri-Rae’s stunted growth.

Birmingham City Council wrote a letter before her discharge telling her that care proceedings were being considered because of her boozing and drug-taking.

Jurors were told of a report by medical expert Professor David Mangham in which he stated: ”The fractures were due to non accidental injury.”

He ruled out that Palmer had “inadvertently squashed” Teri-Rae while she was asleep.

Mr Hankin added: “Teri Rae didn’t die instantaneously. There was a period of survival of between one to three hours”.

Palmer will be sentenced on Thursday April 4.


Abigail Palmer is accused of fracturing six of the baby’s ribs[/caption]


The court heard Teri-Rae died of asphyxia[/caption]


Jurors heard that Palmer had tested positive for cocaine during her pregnancy[/caption]


Palmer with Teri-Rae before her death[/caption]

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