Mum, 54, fined £100 after ‘stopping for two minutes to buy food’ at ‘daylight robbery’ East Midlands Airport petrol station


A NOTORIOUS airport petrol station has walloped yet another unsuspecting person with a huge fine – a fuming mum who had only stopped for “two minutes”.

Louise Stevens, from Littleover in Derbyshire, has accused the BP station at East Midlands Airport of “daylight robbery” after she copped a £100 parking fine.

Fuming Louise Stevens believes she was wrongly hit with a huge fine at the petrol station at East Midlands Airport
BPM Media
She parked near double red lines while spending ‘two minutes’ buying food, before collecting her daughter from the airport
BPM Media
A CCTV still of Louise Stevens’s car at East Midlands Airport
BPM Media

Miss Stevens says the petrol station is “profiting from innocent people” after she became the latest motorist to be slapped with a huge fine for stopping momentarily.

The mum parked there last month for two minutes so she could get a quick bite to eat at the station before driving on to the short stay car park, to pick up her daughter and her pal, who had been holidaying in Portugal.

Weeks later, Miss Stevens was left reeling after receiving a £100 parking bill through her door for “stopping at a zone (the petrol station) where stopping is prohibited”.

The owners of the BP station at East Midlands Airport in Castle Donington, Leicestershire, have been issuing fines to deter people from using it as a pick-up and drop-off point.

But Miss Stevens maintains she had done nothing wrong and has appealed the penalty.

The angry 54-year-old said she had parked in an area which had neither red lines nor signs next to it to warn motorists.

CCTV images on her letter from Vehicle Control Services Ltd show her car parked near double red lines, but not on or right alongside them.


Miss Stevens said: “I received a fine for stopping to buy some lunch prior to picking up my daughter and her friend.

“To add insult to injury, I then proceeded to the airport short stay car park where I paid to pick them up.

“I was literally a few minutes in the petrol station and parked in the only place I could see there were no red lines.

“However, they are saying I am parked illegally. This is just daylight robbery!

“This petrol station is profiting from innocent people and should be held accountable.

“How can you possibly issue fines to customers of your business?

“I can understand the airport fining people for stopping on the road, however the petrol station is really just one step too far.”

Miss Stevens is the latest in a string of motorists expressing their anger over a parking fine from the BP station’s owners.


Earlier this month, Ruth Pickering, from Clifton, Nottinghamshire, said she would refuse to pay her fine.

Ms Pickering was busy re-fuelling her vehicle while collecting her daughter.

However, CCTV caught the moment the 22-year-old put her suitcase in the boot of the car as her mum was paying for the petrol.

Ruth was then fined £60 which was issued for “stopping in a zone where stopping is prohibited”.

And Gordon Jackson from Chellaston and Tajdar Kamal of Normanton were heavily critical after being fined after being seen picking up airport passengers in their cars.

The Sun Online has also published an article on a couple who were hit with a fine because they filled up at East Midlands Airport petrol station.

Sharon and Geoffrey Palmer, both 69, had stopped off for petrol before being dropped off at the airport’s rapid drop-off zone.

As Mr Palmer, from Beeston, was paying £20 for petrol, on July 11, his wife wanted to double check she had packed her husband’s medication in the suitcase so got out of the car to check the bag.

It’s made me that angry I feel like standing at the petrol station and saying ‘do you know you will probably get fined for filling up here’.

Sharon Palmer, BP customer

She believes CCTV footage filmed her stepping out of the vehicle, and that someone had assumed she was being “dropped off” to head to the airport by foot.

After returning from a week in Salou, she was left raging after being hit with a minimum £60 which could rise to £100 for “stopping in a zone where stopping is prohibited”.

She told Nottinghamshire Live: “It’s made me that angry that I almost feel like going and standing at the petrol station and saying ‘do you know you will probably get fined for filling up here’.”

The owners of the petrol station and East Midlands Airport said picking up or dropping off people at The Fuel Station is strongly prohibited and several signs stating this have been up since June.

But Miss Stevens insists she never picked up her daughter from the station and actually paid £4 to park in the short stay car park.

A representative for Vehicle Control Services Limited, which sent the fine, said: “We would advise Ms Stevens to utilise our appeals procedure so that her circumstances can be fully and appropriately evaluated.

“Details of how to appeal are set out on the reverse of the Parking Charge Notice.”

The Prax Group, which owns the petrol station, said the behaviour of some motorists was having a “negative impact on the business” and defended issuing fines for those picking up or dropping airport passengers at the station rather than paying to use the airport car parks.

It advised: “In order to avoid paying to park, some passengers and taxi companies are using the airport filling station, located approximately 100 yards from the terminal, as a pick up and drop off point.

“Increasingly, this is having a negative impact on the business, which can no longer be ignored.

“Additionally, there is a serious health and safety concern, as the backlog of traffic onto the main road could potentially hinder the emergency services. ”

Sharon and Geoff Palmer insist they will not pay their fine, and are now in the process of appealing it
BPM Media
Ruth was charged for picking up her daughter while filling her car with fuel
Ruth Pickering was charged for picking up her daughter while filling her car with fuel
BPM Media
Ruth was paying for her petrol when her daughter arrived
Ms Pickering was paying for her petrol when her daughter arrived


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