Mr Hinch sends cleaning-mad housewives into a frenzy after sharing tutorial on how to make the perfect bed


HIS wife has an army of fans and is known for her top tips – and now Mr Hinch has revealed he is no dunce in the cleaning stakes.

Jamie Hinchcliffe, wife of Sophie – aka Mrs Hinch, made the couple’s bed in Mrs Hinch’s latest Instagram video.

Mr and Mrs Hinch with their dog
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And the 39-year-old sales manager, from Essex, did it perfectly… demonstrating he has a great teacher.

“Good evening shoppers,” he started. “I want to let you know what goes through my head when I have to make this bed.

“One of the most important parts is the tucking in. This duvet must go in the bedframe

“Watch my techers [technique], watch it, look, one hand. Go on son, all the way in.”

Jamie was very proud of his bed-making
He explained how he straightened it neatly

He then tucks the white duvet neatly into the bed.

“Once the pillows are plumped they must be in a straight line, so what I do is give them a nice gently stroke to make sure they are straight,” he explained.

He then goes onto make sure the throw is perfect.

“This crispy throw must be an inch off the floor, remember the straight lines guys.”

He then adds a grey thrown.

Jamie told how he loved the soft grey throw

“Next you whack on the grey throw,” he explained.

“This secretly is my favourite as it is soft to touch and smells like Zoflora.”

Jamie – Mr Hinch – then punches the cushions three times.

“So I know when I am nearly at the finishing line because the cushions line up with the white throw,” he explained.

“Mrs Hinch your pillow is waiting girl,” he said. “I’m proud of that Hinchers.”

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Meanwhile, we tried to live up to Mrs Hinch’s cleaning challenge – but did we manage it?

Mrs Hinch uses fabric softener and boiling water to get her sink gleaming – and it’ll leave your kitchen smelling of fresh laundry.



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