Mount Etna erupts: Flights to Sicily RESTRICTED by ash cloud – is your route affected?


What is the situation in Sicily?

Catania Airport, in Sicily, has restricted landings to the Italian airport after Mount Etna erupted this morning.

Landings to the transport hub, which is one of two in Sicily along with Palmero Airport, were restricted to four per hour at 8.30am local time due to the cloud of ash.

Take-offs have not been affected by the explosion of Europe’s most active volcano.

What has Catania airport said about the volcano eruption?

The airport has since warned of possible delays to travel.

It issued a Tweet to its official account, flagging passengers of travel disruption, which read: “Two sectors of the air space of #CTAairport are closed.

“Limitations to 4 arrivals every hour: possible delays and inconvenience even on departures.

“For ANY information on individual flights, contact airlines.”

What have British airlines said about disruption to flights for Britons?

UK airlines flying to the airport, including British Airways and easyJet, have not yet commented on the volcano.

They have not posted on their official Twitter account, which they use to communicate immediate flight disruptions with passengers.

easyJet flies direct to both Catania and Palmero, also in Sicily, and it is unclear whether the other airport has been affected.

Travellers are urged to contact their flight providers for more information.

When did Mount Etna last erupt? Did it affect flights to Catania?

Catania Airport was closed last month due to Etna erupting in December.

It had been erupting since Christmas Eve, December 24 2018, and resulted in the closure of airspace over Sicily, although has since reopened.

It also triggered a wave of earthquakes across Sicily, with buildings damaged and at least 28 people left injured.

In December, the Foreign Office warned travellers: “Due to Mount Etna’s recent volcanic eruption, a series of earthquakes and earth tremors are affecting the Catania area and the eastern part of the island of Sicily.

“This seismic activity is expected to continue until the volcanic activity subsides.

“Local authorities are monitoring the situation and providing updates via their website (in Italian).

“If you intend to travel to affected areas, you should follow their advice.”


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