Morrisons is selling bargain copycat Magnum filled with candyfloss ice cream


SHOPPERS looking for a new sweet treat to cool down with this summer may want to head down to Morrisons where it’s selling Magnum-style ice creams that taste of candyfloss.

The ice creams, which are called “Chockas” look just like a regular smooth, white chocolate Magnum.

Pack of Morrisons' new Chocka ice creams
Morrisons is selling new “Chockas” ice creams that taste of candyfloss

But when you bite into the crispy outer shell, there’s a bubblegum pink ice cream inside that tastes like candyfloss.

The treats cost just £1 for a box of three, making it 33p an ice cream, but they’re currently only available in store at Morrisons – you can’t buy them online.

Use Morrisons store locator tool to find your nearest.

Followers of the Newfoodsuk Instagram blog, which first spotted the lollies, can’t wait to try them.

One user commented: “Omg these sound awesome”, while another said: “Oh my god! Looks insane”.

Another user wrote: “They look amazingly sickly but I still want one”.

But before you slurp down the lot bear in mind that one lolly contains 246 calories.

An adult man should have around 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.

Morrisons is also selling a bubblegum, candy floss and marshmallow flavoured tub of ice cream this summer.

While Asda is selling a UNICORN ice cream that tastes like marshmallows.

Home Bargains is also getting in on the act with its new ‘Candy Crush’ ice creams and they taste of pink bubblegum and marshmallow.


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