More Sex And Eight Other Helpful Ways To Ease Hay Fever Without Taking Drugs


THERE’S bad news for hay fever sufferers as pollen is at its highest level for 12 years.

So if antihistamine tablets aren’t working for you, JENNY FRANCIS has found nine natural remedies to try . . . including a roll in the hay.


DURING orgasm the nervous system constricts blood vessels, which can reduce allergy symptoms.

Getty – Contributor Who knew sex could have so many health benefits Stinging nettle tea

NETTLES can rid you of symptoms including itchy eyes and a stuffy nose.

Buy as supplements from health stores or pick your own. Boil in water, drain and add honey.

Photolibrary – Getty Buy these as supplements from your local health store rather than foraging for them Chamomile tea

A DAILY cuppa of chamomile tea is a natural anti-histamine as it soothes irritated mucus membranes in the nose, helping to cut down the body’s response to allergies.

Photographers Choice – Getty Health columnists have long raved about the benefits of chamomile tea Wash your hair

POLLEN is sticky, particularly to hair, meaning you could bring it home with you from outside.

Aim to wash your hair as soon as you get in so you don’t spread the peksy pollen around your house.

Getty – Contributor You’d be surprised how much pollen you carry around in your hair throughout the day Clean sheets

IF pollen has made its way into your home it has probably settled on your sheets.

This means you are sleeping with the thing that causes your problems. So wash bed linen often.

Getty – Contributor You should clean your sheets as often as possible to make sure your home is hygienic Berries

DARK berries and red grapes contain antioxidants called anthocyanins, which fight inflammation.

Red grapes have resveratrol, an anti-inflammatory compound, and they protect against nasal allergy symptoms and wheezing.

Getty – Contributor Berries are in season at the moment so you’ll have plenty to choose from at your local supermarket or green grocers Local honey

A DAILY spoonful of honey from a local farm or beekeeper could make you immune to the pollen in your area.

Be sure to dose up early, as it takes a few weeks to kick in.

Getty – Contributor Head down to your local farmers market to see if you can grab yourself some honey

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