Monster dad jailed for abandoning boy, 5, in bear-infested woods to punish him for wetting himself


A FATHER has been jailed after dumping his five-year-old in bear-infested woods because the child wet himself.

Gregory Allan Wilson, 32, will spend a month behind bars in Nicollett County jail in Minnesota for abandoning the boy in August 2018

Nicollet County jail

Wilson will serve up to 30 days in jail for leaving his son in woods as punishment for wetting himself, courts docs show[/caption]

The scared little lad was found by wet and crying by a motorist with injuries to his back and buttocks walking along Highway 169, south of the city of St Peter.

Wilson and his girlfriend Lynda Michel, 43, admitted to leaving the child in a wooded area outside of the town because he was “naughty.”

According to courts docs, the boy was punished for wetting himself.

Minnesota is home to black bears – and while the vast majority of the beasts are found in wooded areas in the north of the state, there were reports of sightings in Nicollett County last year.

Wilson admitted to ordering the five-year-old out of the car before driving away and leaving the scared child to fend for himself.

The dad said that when he returned to the area his son was missing.

It is unclear how long the boy was missing for although Wilson insisted he only left the boy for a brief time, reports local news outlet Twin Cities.

Police said the child was found with multiples injuries on his back, buttocks, and hips.

Wilson claims he spanked his son earlier that day, it has been reported.

He was convicted of gross misdemeanour child neglect yesterday and will serve up to 30 days in jail before spending a year on probation.

Charges of malicious punishment and domestic assault were dropped by prosecutors.

On Tuesday, Lynda Michels pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanour child neglect and will be sentenced in October.

According to the Mankato Free Press, the child remains in foster care.


Wilson claims he only left the boy for a short time while admitting to spanking the child earlier that day[/caption]

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